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Slitting Machine

TY-F Slitting  Rewinding Machine

TY-F Slitting Rewinding Machine

technical parameter


This machine is mainly used for plastic film, cellophane paper, BOPP, PET, PE, PVC, such as cutting; The machine roll adopts photoelectric tracking, automatic adjustment; Put the volume magnetic powder tension control; Winding count of good performance, easy operation, operation is stable and reliable characteristics.

Product Features:

1, rectifying the chassis and machine chassis wallboard conjoined, guarantee the stability of the high speed running
2, put the volume by gas rose axis.
Rolling at 3, 130 correction system, equipped with photoelectric tracking improvement points and cutting precision. Rectifying control USES the square
4, double scroll by gas rose axis, and equipped with roller.
5, volume release tension by 8 kg each independent control magnetic powder
6, waste side guide tube and high power blower, will blow out waste removal by machine on the right side.
7, conjoined electrical operation ark, computer integration control, winding count, meter downtime

8, the whole machine all aluminum guide roller adopt Taiwan joint venture in Shanghai aluminum guide roller, and the movement process

Flat knife cutting and synchronous belt transmission

automatic PLC touch screen control one put two closed
Technical Parameters :

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